Wednesday, July 2, 2014

House Comparisons

So far the comparisons between USA homes and German homes are as follows:
USA: Bathrooms have toilets that have flusher knobs, big trash cans, fans/ air ventilation, no windows. Bedrooms have fans, dressers, elevated beds, closets, lights, tv, cabinets, mirror. House has carpet/ semi carpet wooden floors. Sliding windows with screen. Kitchens have easy access and recognizable features. House is made of wood and has more modern technology. Washer/ dryer, microwave. Connected garages. 
Germany: toilets have buttons on walls. No fans. No air conditioning. No screens for windows. A lot of flys. Wood or tile floors. Two prong wall outlets. Shelves no dressers. Everythings quiet. Windows/ doors open on two axis's. Outside balconies. Mid to low water pressure. Sparkling water. A lot of meat.

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